LS Q and A

This page documents important information for parents. Lower School procedures, policies, parent guidelines, etc. are captured as links on this page. Be sure to send any general unanswered questions to Ben or Diane so we can add them to this resource page. Topics can range from nitty gritty details such as “How do I order lunch for my child?” to bigger picture musings such as “What is the Lower School’s approach to homework?”. Please send your questions to Ben Thrash at

Lower School Information

2016-2017 LS Faculty

Communicating Student Progress in Lower School

Parent Volunteering in Lower School

Lower School Procedures

2017-2017 LS Emergency Preparedness

2016-2017 Use of LS Playgrounds After Dismissal

2016-2017 LS Drop-off and Pick-up Guidelines

The Lower School Scoop Health Newsletters

The Scoop – Lower School’s Health and Wellness Newsletter – Fall 2016

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