Learning about Japan

Lower School faculty spent the afternoon immersed in Japanese culture. After enjoining a potluck feast (with a very generous additions from Portland’s Miyake restaurant!), teachers learned from our guest panel of three Japanese experts: Waynflete parents Makiko Nagae, Sandy Colhoun, and Cherie Wendleken. Their presentations were fascinating and provided such an excellent and diverse view of Japanese culture.

K-1 Choice Time

After morning drop-off (7:55-8:15am), parents say goodbye and students spend a few minutes making some choices in the classroom before morning meeting and work time. Today students drew pictures, read stories, counted beads, engaged in dramatic play, practicing phonics, and much more… students in the Garden then began morning meeting building a community web with string.

4-5 Immigration Study

4-5’ers spent the afternoon on Tuesday engaged with their immigration study. Some students completed work on their mill towns, others participated in a choose your own adventure tale about Eliza, others calculated their food and supply preparations for the journey, while others prepared to become citizens while playing the part of fictitious family members.