K-1 Plant Study

K-1’ers visited Snell Farm today in connection with their plant study. Students observed many plants and asked lots of questions. Once back on campus they watched student team iMovie presentations describing what they’ve learned about plants during this study.

4-5 Mystery Trip

Each Spring,the 4-5 program enjoys its year-end field trip that s entitled “The Mystery Trip.” Students are given hints and packing lists but don’t know where they are going until they arrive at their destination(s). It’s a highly anticipated celebration of their learning year. This morning 4-5 readied themselves for the trip before departing campus.

Cindy’s Pachanga

Today’s Pachanga celebrated retiring 2-3 teacher Cindy Sanborn. After a standing ovation, LS students sang Cindy’s Top 10 Pachanga songs of all time. Below is a short clip of everyone singing a portion of her #1 favorite, Tge Popcorn Song.