Meet the LS Teachers

Each week in Lower School, there is a themed set of pictures on display on the Founders 1st floor hallway monitor.  This documentation provides a great opportunity to view more of what happens in the classroom each day.  This week, all LS teachers are on display (see below).

The Early Childhood Team (Debbie, Kate, Megan, and Bob)

IMG_3327 IMG_3329 IMG_3330 IMG_3332

The K-1 Team (Stacie, Taylor, Louisa, Jess, and Mrs. T)


The 2-3 Team (Bob, Cindy, Michaela, and Sarah)


The 4-5 Team (Tim, Linda, Kai, Nancy, and Amanda)


Specialists (Rikki-Art, Dan-Spanish, Chris-Music, Nick-Music/Chorus, Susan-Dance/Movement, Elicia-PE, and Mr. Salway-PE)

IMG_9341 IMG_9356 IMG_9354 IMG_9355 IMG_5633EliciaIMG_9358

LS Afterschool Teachers (Zach, Stefan, Genevieve, and Holly)


And everyone else… (Blanche-Health Coordinator, Diane-LS Assistant and Ben-LS Director)


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