Jazz with Ray

Four times each year, Upper School Jazz Teacher Extraordinaire Ray Morrow is invited to 2-3 to share his expertise with students. Today was his fourth and final visit of the year, and it helped usher in a relaxing end to the school day.

LS Field Day

Each year, 5th grade students lead all of the events at our LS Fiend Day. This morning our 5th grade leaders set up the stations and waited for the EC and K-1 students to arrive.  It’s an absolutely beautiful day!


2nd Grade Baby Time

Eavh spring 2nd grade students participate in a genetics and reproduction health unit. As part of their study, they invite a newly born baby the class to learn all about baby life. Today, Afterschool teacher Guy Pollino happily shared his baby daughter, Alessia, with students.


4-5 Mystery Trip!

Each year, 4-5 students celebrate their school year by embarking on a Mystery Trip.  Students aren’t quite sure where they’re going or what they’re doing until they depart school.  This year, there were many teacher-initiated rumors about what’s involved in the day.  They left school this morning with bags packed ready for the adventure!