5 Ways to Encourage Kids to be Innovators

This Fast Company article, entitled 5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Grow up to be Innovators by Gwen Moran highlights five key factors that lead to innovation:  Play, Curiosity, Passion, Fearlessness, and Purpose.  I’m fully confident that all 5 of these goals are fully integrated into Waynflete’s approach!  Moran reminds us that “it’s important to shift the focus when praising children if we want to foster more innovation.”

Welcome to Waynflete!

Congratulations to all students (and families) recently admitted to Waynflete!  We look forward to welcoming all of these students and families to our vibrant community during the upcoming school year.  This blog is one of many ways that parents are connected to the student experience; it aims to provide a window into Waynflete’s Lower School.   We invite all families to view both recent and past posts to learn more about our progressive, student-centered, inquiry-based program. 

4-5 Conference Prep

4-5 Students participate in a student-lead conference each spring.  Today, students finished compiling work examples that support both growth and personal goals, wrote reflections of their work and letters to their parents, and reorganized their Drive accounts in preparation for meeting with parents.