Study Reflections

2-3 students spend time this afternoon completing a written reflection of their State of Maine study. Students remembered the trip to the map library, learning about the origins and meaning of the state flag and symbol, and designing their very own decorative maps. Student reflections show students and teachers take-aways from each study.




4-5 attends Naturalization Ceremony

4-5 students traveled to the federal courthouse this morning to attend a naturalization ceremony for 31 brand new American citizens from 14 different countries. The ceremony included singing the National Anthem, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, reciting an oath of citizenry, listening to a message from President Obama, and receiving a certificate of citizenry. Students had the opportunity for a Q and A session with immigration officials and learned a lot about the job of immigration officials, state’s attorneys, and US Marshall’s. It was a fascinating trip, and a memorable experience for all.