4-5 Quiet Reading

4-5 students relax after lunch and recess with a favorite book of the moment. Students stretch out, get comfortable, and have time to read high interest books. It’s a nice transition in the middle if the day. Research also shows that dedicating time for silent reading is central to becoming a better reader.



So How Was School Today?

A colleague shared an article with me this week entitled, “25 Ways To Ask Your Kids “So how was school today?” Without Asking Them “So how was school today?”  With Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled for this week, the idea of effective communication between teachers and parents, teachers and students, teachers and teachers, and of course, parents and their kids is a good one to reflect upon.  This article gives some fun suggestions for engaging with your kids about their school life, aiming to get past some of the pat responses that we all provide within the routines of our daily lives.

2-3 Lighthouses

2-3 students spent their afternoon today learning about Maine lighthouses. Students researched specific lighthouses and even created a symbol chart that described the type and frequency of light flashes from their respective topic. Home stations will soon map where their lighthouse lives along the Maine coast.




Check out the 4-5 Blog!

For the past couple of years, 4-5 students and teachers regularly post updates about what’s happening in 4-5 on their blog entitled, “Tales of a 4-5 Something…”  If you are a 4-5 parent, this Blog is a great site to bookmark and check regularly for goings-on in the program.  For all Lower School parents, it’s a great place to visit to learn more about the program from both the student and teacher perspective – Enjoy!