EC meets Captain Nathan

EC students met with Captain Nathan this morning to talk about life as a ship captain. Nathan shared his experiences piloting ferry boats in Casco Bay (his primary route is to/from Peaks Island). Students asked about fog horns, boat size, languages spoken on boats, anchors, and much more. They then shared some of their learning within the classroom.



What’s happening at school?

As we prepare for Lower School Open Houses this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the partnership between school and home.  Waynflete teachers thoughtfully consider how to effectively communicate the learning that takes place each and every day, while also appreciating the developmental needs of children by fostering school environments where each child can flourish and be his/herself.  This week 4-5 teacher Tim shared with me an interesting article on Edutopia entitled, “Educating Parents about Education.”  With a slightly edgy tone, the author not only shares how things have changed in schools but also suggests ways school communication should evolve.

I encourage all parents to engage with Open Houses this week, considering questions and topics that interest you as a parent.  And please remember to share your feedback with your child’s advisor (or with me) as we continually reevaluate how best to support this essential home-to-school connection – Thanks!

Re-thinking the Marshmallow Test

Happy Sunday!  Pamela Druckerman wrote an interesting editorial in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago entitled, “Learning How to Exert Self-Control.”  She interviews a researcher at Columbia named Walter Mischel who conducted a famous marshmallow experiment with 5 year-olds in the 60’s.  This study is often used as a reference for researchers/writers exploring the childhood origins of resilience and grit.  I also like how it speaks to the dilemma identified in September parent coffees: how can each of us better avoid external distractions to be more present in the moment?  It’s an interesting read!

Harvest Soup in K-1

Today K-1 students harvested vegetables from the school garden (including leeks, potatoes, carrots, beets, and much more), washed and cut them, and each Habitat made harvest soup to enjoy during morning snack. After personally sampling 4 unique blends of this soup, I share their enthusiasm for the culinary results. As one K-1’er mused, “this is the best harvest soup I have ever had!”